Born in France in 1976, SANE2 has since an early age loved drawing. By pure chance, he met graffiti in 1992 by flipping one of the few photocopied specialized fanzines pages from Paris.

Completely fascinated by this new expression mode and boosted by the desire to defy the ban, he cut his teeth in vacant lots and on the street for several years. From the beginning, his influences came from Paris and New York including the purchase of the book “Spraycan Art”, still considered as one of the ultimate historical reference for Graffiti. He began to paint more often and more seriously especially in 1997. That same year he decided to devote all his time and energy to transform his passion into lifestyle.

In 2000, he then took the decision to devote himself to painting by creating AERO, non-profit organisation that is quickly became the reference structure in France by creating the first database on the internet dedicated to this movement. In parallel, he coordinates and conducts numerous workshops to initiate the practice of the aerosol in different cities in France and set up gatherings of artists and exhibitions. In 2002 he joins the famous “Bandits crew” after a travel in Dresden (Germany)

After becoming a must on the graffiti scene, he extended its scope to the whole Europe where it realizes numerous decorations for companies or private individuals. 20 years after its beginning, Sane2 truly found its balance and dedicates himself to its artistic development. Always curious about new experiences, it opens to other techniques of creation as stencil or tattoo, pursuing indefatigably the old quest of the 70′/80′ New York graffiti: SKY IS THE LIMIT.